Archive: February 23, 2018

A spectacular lightshow at the 2020 Innovation Summit in the Amsterdam ArenA

During the 2020 Innovation Summit in the Amsterdam ArenA on February 8 2018, d&b audio, Philips Lighting and Panasonic showcased Stadium Size Entertainment Technology. Business professionals, amongst others representatives from the cities and stadiums hosting matches during the UEFA European Championships in 2020, were invited to see the latest standard in lighting, sound and projection. It proved to be a spectacular lightshow that showed what we can look forward to the next couple of years in stadiums around the world.

The LED floodlighting system by Philips meets the highest possible standard in football stadia, making it possible to dim as to create a totally different atmosphere. Superb sound by d&b utilizes ArrayProcessing to optimize tonal and level performance over the entire listening area. The laser projection by Panasonic makes it possible to use different types of projection in a venue like the Amsterdam ArenA, that seats 54.000, even in daylight. That way, the stadium can instantly change into a theater.

Also thanks to: USE, Switch, Ampco-Flashlight, Beamsystems, PRG, Mr.Beam and site crew.

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VIDEO: Allard Kernkamp (TNO) about anticipating cyber threats

In the recently opened Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab (CTI Lab), TNO is experimenting with new technologies and developing cybersecurity innovations. Allard Kernkamp calls the lab a proof-of-concept. CTI is a relatively new field which is still in its infancy. Cyber Threat Intelligence enables governments and companies to gain insight into the methods hacker groups use and the characteristics of specific types of malware. This enables them to anticipate cyber threats at an early stage and prevent damage to their systems

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PTF – The Network Sessions: Amazing Arena

On 8 and 9 February, Amsterdam ArenA and a select number of its partners will share their stories with an international group of leaders from cities, football associations and stadiums that are hosting matches during the UEFA European Championships in 2020.

During this Powering the Future-session, special attention will be given to innovation in three areas: energy transition and storage, playing field and stadium-sized show tooling such as lights. Examples range from using old batteries for energy storage, installing sensors to measure pitch quality, to installing the latest in lighting technology to serve television audiences and local audience alike.

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