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World first: live ArenA match viewed in real time in South Korea

For the first time in the world, a football match in the Johan Cruijff ArenA was broadcast in real time, with only 0.3 seconds delay, in Daejeon, South Korea. Combining new Ultra-Wide Vision technology with a super-fast data connection enabled a group of South Koreans to experience the live event in an unmatched way. Conducted by TNO, the Johan Cruijff ArenA, the Korean Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) and SURFnet, the test broadcast was designed amongst other things to demonstrate whether European Championship 2020 matches can be experienced live worldwide.

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PTF – The Network Sessions: Amazing Arena

On 8 and 9 February, Amsterdam ArenA and a select number of its partners will share their stories with an international group of leaders from cities, football associations and stadiums that are hosting matches during the UEFA European Championships in 2020.

During this Powering the Future-session, special attention will be given to innovation in three areas: energy transition and storage, playing field and stadium-sized show tooling such as lights. Examples range from using old batteries for energy storage, installing sensors to measure pitch quality, to installing the latest in lighting technology to serve television audiences and local audience alike.

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Marcel Surendonk (Mojo Concerts) about increasing engagement

Every year in August, some 55,000 lowlanders converge on a town in the heart of the Netherlands for A Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise, commonly known as Lowlands, a three-day festival packed with music, theatre, film, comedy, literature, street theatre, science and the visual arts. Marcel Surendonk, head of Brand Partnerships at Mojo Concerts explained how he and his colleagues see technology as a way of increasing brand experience among festival-goers.

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Lars Sang Mo Boom (FormulaFPV) about optimising the audience experience

In cooperation with ZoomIn.TV, FormulaFPV is launching the Drone Racing World Series, in which drone pilots will compete for the world title. These drone races bring together the best drone racing pilots from across the world and millions of fans in local communities. 

Lars Sang Mo Boom is Event Producer at FormulaFPV.

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Bertie Cole #ArcadiaSpectacular about immersive experiences

Arcadia Spectacular was founded by Pip Rush and Bertie Cole. Two school friends whose goal was to give partygoers a bigger experience and to get them more involved in the event. ‘The Spider’ is the largest and most radical machine built by Arcadia and it can host up to 50,000 people within its arena. The lynchpin of the arcadia ecosystem is a 360- degree, immersive environment built from recycled materials. The Spider is fully rigged with a vast array of effects, from moveable limbs firing dry ice to interactive costumes, to lasers and lighting.

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Jaap Visser #ESL about interaction with the target audience

When ESL was launched in 2000, it was no more than a gathering of gaming enthusiasts. Now the company runs events that fill stadiums and bring together millions of online viewers. ESL’s largest event draws around 48 million viewers and some 160,000 visitors.

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Data tracking in the Amsterdam ArenA

Ajax uses special software to measure and record every movement that its football players make. Using the same software, the ArenA measures even more things: from grass health to beer consumption during a summer soccer match. A conversation with the data architect at Ajax and the ArenA, Max Reckers.

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Amsterdam ArenA: eSports Stadium

ArenA is investing in events especially for generation Z: young people, aged 7–25. Together with partner ESL-Benelux, the ArenA put on its first public eSports games event.

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