Category: Sustainable & Circular Economy

ArenA battery winner of T3 Eco Award

The Johan Cruijff ArenA ‘second life’ mega battery has won the Eco Award. is one of the UK’s leading consumer lifestyle websites. Other nominees were, amongst others, Tesla and Patagonia. Over two million unique users visit every month.

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World Economic Forum: ‘ArenA Battery: worth cheering about’

The ArenA battery just gained a new fan, and quite an impressive one. The World Economic Forum, the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation, provides a platform for the world’s 1,000 leading companies to shape a better future. They are endorsing the our smart energy storage system through Facebook and their website, and as they say themselves, the ArenA battery is worth cheering about.

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Three megawatt battery Johan Cruijff ArenA live

The largest European battery using second-life and new electric vehicle batteries in a commercial building is live. Amsterdam Alderman Udo Kock, deputy mayor for Finance and Economic Affairs (Amsterdam) conducted the official opening ceremony of the energy storage system in the Johan Cruijff ArenA on Friday June 30.

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Livable Smart Cities Alliance to invest in urban livability with UN help

Last week saw the launch of the Livable Smart Cities Alliance in which the municipalities of Amsterdam and Warsaw have agreed to invest in urban livability. It comes from an initiative by the United Nations, the city of Amsterdam, the Johan Cruijff Arena and Geodan/EduGIS. The city of Amsterdam has designated Zuidoost as the testing ground for the project. People living in this suburb in Amsterdam’s southeast will be the first to get started on livability in this way.

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The Second Life of a Stadium Seat

Everyday, society is confronted by global sustainability related challenges. The Amsterdam ArenA strives to contribute to a completely circular economy. The Netherlands aims to have a fully circular economy by 2050.

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Circular Chairs at the Dutch Design Week

We’re proud to participate in the famous Dutch Design Week. A spectaculair design event in Eindhoven that draws almost 300.000 visitors from all over the globe. Together with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences we have focussed our booth around circularity, we call it ‘Work in Progress’. Of course, the booth is decorated with the populair new chairs that we constructed with the old chairs from the Amsterdam ArenA.

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Amsterdam ArenA’s old stadium seats get a second life

Almost all of the 53,000 stadium seats in the Amsterdam ArenA have been replaced in recent months. The old seats are getting a second life with sustainable recycling. Today, one section of seats is available for sale to Ajax fans. The proceeds will go to the Ajax Foundation.

After over 21 years, the ArenA seats were due for replacement. Now a long-cherished dream of Ajax supporters has come true: the ArenA has turned red-and-white. But what to do with so many old stadium seats?

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De ArenA als voetbalstadion én energiecentrale

For the Dutchies: Wie de ArenA zegt, denkt aan voetbal. Maar met honderden zonnepanelen en een superbatterij in de parkeergarage gaat het stadion ook schone stroom leveren. De ArenA die elektriciteit opwekt, opslaat, en zelfs kan weggeven aan de buren. Dit gaat serieus gebeuren en zelfs al heel snel. Nog deze maand wordt het startsein gegeven voor de bouw van een superinnovatieve megabatterij. Automobilisten die eind dit jaar de ondergrondse parkeer- garage P1 van de ArenA binnenrijden, kunnen ‘m bijna niet missen: het opslagsysteem wordt zo groot als een zeecontainer.