Bertie Cole #ArcadiaSpectacular about immersive experiences

Arcadia Spectacular was founded by Pip Rush and Bertie Cole. Two school friends whose goal was to give partygoers a bigger experience and to get them more involved in the event. 'The Spider' is the largest and most radical machine built by Arcadia and it can host up to 50,000 people within its arena. The lynchpin of the arcadia ecosystem is a 360- degree, immersive environment built from recycled materials. The Spider is fully rigged with a vast array of effects, from moveable limbs firing dry ice to interactive costumes, to lasers and lighting.

Arcadia now appears in cities and festivals all over the world. Read more about its projects here. As well as ‘The Spider,’ the team is working on a number of other projects that are currently in their infancy. They hope to launch two interesting new projects in the coming years.