Johan Cruijff ArenA to help India realize Living Lab smart cities

Together with EBTC and commissioned by the Indian Ministry of Electronics &
Information Technology, the Johan Cruijff ArenA will be establishing a Living Lab
for IIIT on the university campus in Hyderabad. This was announced during the
trade mission, parallel to the state visit by King Willem-Alexander and Máxima
of the Netherlands.

“Our goal is to create an environment where relatively new services will be tested, both in
a technical and commercial way, before they find their way to cities. This lowers defect
costs both for clients and contractors and creates value for Hyderabad, cities that are
part of the Smart City Mission and the rest of India, supportive of the UN’s Sustainable
Development Goals,” said Sander van Stiphout, Director International Johan Cruijff ArenA.
The Government of India announced its ‘100 Smart Cities Mission’ in 2015 along with a
new policy framework to empower state governments, city governments/Urban Local
Bodies (ULBs) in fast-tracking the modernization of urban infrastructure, urban services
promote better opportunities and provide improved quality of life for its citizens through
use of state of the art technologies.

The global urbanization trend will be one of the biggest challenges in the next few
decades. In the Netherlands, several cities are working on their smart transformation.
Amsterdam launched a smart city platform, bundling innovative projects. In 2018, the
roof of the Amsterdam Johan Cruijff Arena was covered in solar panels and the energy will
be stored in batteries, which significantly contributes to Amsterdam’s ambitions. Together
with top Dutch universities, the city is researching self-driving vehicles, mobility
management and sustainable energy.

Since 2015, the Johan Cruijff ArenA and neighboring area Amsterdam South East function
as a ‘Living Lab’: a hotspot for testing innovations in practice. Innovative concepts and
ideas, as well as proven solutions in the field of customer journey, safety, asset
management and sustainability, have found their way to stadiums, smart cities and other
companies throughout the world. Together with innovative partners, the ArenA and the
city of Amsterdam work on realizing relevant services for both stadiums and cities. This
has proven a big success. Amongst other things, it has resulted in an impressive energy
storage system powered by second-life batteries from used electric vehicles in the
stadium and mobility services perfect for smart cities.