Lars Sang Mo Boom (FormulaFPV) about optimising the audience experience

In cooperation with ZoomIn.TV, FormulaFPV is launching the Drone Racing World Series, in which drone pilots will compete for the world title. These drone races bring together the best drone racing pilots from across the world and millions of fans in local communities. 

Lars Sang Mo Boom is Event Producer at FormulaFPV.

FormulaFPV promotes and organises FPV drone racing. The sport is becoming increasingly popular. According to Lars Sang Mo Boom, some 1,500 people in the Netherlands are involved in drone racing.  This is still a very young sport, said Lars, so the company has only just begun its activities. He sees opportunities for optimising the audience experience, including how the audience sees and can experience the speed and flight lines of the drones. According to Lucas van der Eerde (Zoomin.TV), if drone racing events are to become successful, two major challenges must be tackled. First, how do you draw the largest possible crowd to the stadiums, and, secondly, how do you make the event as attractive as possible to media organisations.
An audience member asked how difficult it is to make your own drone. According to Lars, it is easy to make a drone these days. All you need is a starter's kit and an instructional video on YouTube.