Powering the Future – Allard Kernkamp (TNO) about anticipating cyber threats

In the recently opened Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab (CTI Lab), TNO is experimenting with new technologies and developing cybersecurity innovations. Allard Kernkamp calls the lab a proof-of-concept. CTI is a relatively new field which is still in its infancy. Cyber Threat Intelligence enables governments and companies to gain insight into the methods hacker groups use and the characteristics of specific types of malware. This enables them to anticipate cyber threats at an early stage and prevent damage to their systems

The sooner a cyber threat is detected, the less damage an attack can cause. CTI therefore revolves around collecting, analysing and placing in context (large quantities of cyber threat information).

By training algorithms with large datasets, trends in the data were discovered. Algorithms learned to distinguish between trends/hot topics and topics that are not. In addition to training algorithms, we also looked at what the CVE reports are in a certain timeframe and what they look like per platform.