The Second Life of a Stadium Seat

Everyday, society is confronted by global sustainability related challenges. The Amsterdam ArenA strives to contribute to a completely circular economy. The Netherlands aims to have a fully circular economy by 2050.

"The so called ‘Circular City’ is one of the main urban challenges of the Urban Technology research programme of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). Its chair of Circular Design & Business and its research group on Digital Production collaborate with companies, lecturers and students on a range of applied research projects in order to advance  the knowledge around circular design and business model strategies making use of digital production  to encourage the local reuse of discarded urban materials."

The Amsterdam ArenA, the home of AFC Ajax and major concert and events venue is replacing all of it's stadium seats after 21 years of service. The stadium will do so in a socially responsible manner. The Amsterdam engaged the experts of the Urban Technology research programme at the AUAS to study the viability reusing the old seats in a circular manner. The research started from the assumption that these discarded seats not only form a large and relatively homogeneous waste stream, but also have an emotional value that can potentially raise their economic value, beyond that of the material alone. And with succes,

This case study was of great importance considering the Amsterdam ArenA aspires to be a stage for sustainable innovations.